Saturday, February 02, 2008

Why Your Post-Flop Play Sucks - Adam Stemple

I am a musician. At one time, a classically trained musician. There is a common problem among musicians when they try to learn a piece, and it comes from the very laudable desire to play the piece perfectly. I had this problem for many years. Once I learned a piece a little, I would immediately set myself the task of playing it all the way through without mistakes. If I screwed up even a little, I'd go back to the top of the piece and start over. When I finally played it without even a single minimal error, I would drop my bow in exhaustion (I was a cellist) with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

The problem was I could now play the beginning of the piece with my eyes closed, the middle if I squinted, and the end? Well, the end I could play okay if I was looking at the sheet music carefully. And got lucky.

If you are playing Holdem correctly, in a full ring you're only playing 15-18% of your hands. And of those, how many do you take to the turn and river? Whereas you exercise your preflop muscles every time you look at your cards. Think of these areas like the beginning, middle, and end of the piece of music I was describing.


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